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Enjoy these Complete achrived editions of GreeneSpeak!  More available soon - watch for them!

   At GreeneSpeak, the Publisher has always been dedicated to providing local news and views free of charge to people in and near Greene County, PA. If you've been with us for the last 13 years (the original GreeneSpeak website was launched way back in February 2004!), you may know that we don't offer too many bells and whisltes: just honest reporting, heartfelt writing by local authors, and as much news as we can afford to print. We don't have IT experts here; we move forward with technology as much as the time and pocketbook of one person can stretch (and still have some semblance of a life LOL.
   Toward that end, 2017 is bring updates to our print edition in February, this website now, and other items too early to discuss. Our plan, for the first time, is to archive complete back issues of GreeneSpeak as fast as we can. However, the current edition will still only be available in print for at least the first 30 days.
   Anyhow, one thing you can be sure of, the things that matter won't change at GreeneSpeak, including our dedication to social justice, our support of worthy causes, and our brisk conservative polictical views, but mostly, what lies beneath it all: the hope that people can find in knowing God.
   The paper is free locally and available for $15 per year at PO Box 1003 Waynesburg. We encourage you to pick up an extra copy for a former Greene Countian who doesn't live here now, and mail it to them yourself.
   If you own a business and like the sound of what we do, contact Editor/Publisher Cindy Bailey at 724-344-7980 or cinswind1290@fairpoint.ent. I can send you some sample papers. You can see our very reasonable ad rates right now if you click on the "Advertise With Us" page, above.
   Nonprofits can get a full 50% discount on quarter pages and up. Call me anytime.
   Here's wishing you many blessings in the new year!

The full  March 2017 GreeneSpeak print edition is available right now!  Our  cover features "Jaz" a gray tabby adopted from Catnip Acres by GreeneSpeak Publisher Cindy Bailey. Cats, like Jaz, that have been spayed or neutered live longer, healthier lives. (Cindy writes about the addition of Jaz to the fold in "Cindy's Wind" on Page 8). Catnip Acres Low-Cost Vet Clinic, 175 Wade St. in Waynesburg. PA, will hold three Feline Spay/Neuter Days this spring: March 25, April 8 and April 22. To participate, you must call for an appointment: 724- 833-0954.  We love to hear from you! Contact Cindy:

Read the full March 2017 print edition below. Inside this edition:

• The Traveling Veitnam Wall is commint to Greene County, Page 5.

• The WET HEN says: SHOW SOME RESPECT for our veterans, Page 4.

• Cute Spring Reader Shots, Pages 6-7

• Waynesburg Matters: The Scott House, P. 9.

• Minding the Mind: Treat yourself better, Page 10.

• Greene Themes:  Barns & Outbuildings, Page 2.
•  Rescue Me - Bringing home the baby: see Cindy's Wind column and Bible Study, Page 8.


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